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First Cut with the Explore

I finally was able to hook up my Explore last night. I was so excited to finally feel good enough to create a project. (I’ve been exhausted from my day job – I’m training a new hire). I set it up and then did the first cut that they use as an example, a Thank You Card. It uses the pen that comes with the machine, as well as the cutting feature. 

SInce that was a “hold my hand” project, I decided to try to make something on my own. From the comments I read, the advice I got was take your time and do a basic project and work your way up from there. I have to make my goddaughter’s book, so I thought I would start with something from there. 

I have a whole page dedicated to my goddaughter on different swings. I simply typed in the word swing and got a bunch of images. Since I bought the Explore with a three month subscription, I get a ton of images for free! Most of the ones that I saw were free so I was able to pick the one I liked best. I learned how to change the colors on my image so I could tell exactly what would cut on each mat. 

I know that the Explore can do so much more than I am even ready to start to learn! There are so many YouTube videos that I need to watch to learn how to import SVG files (and what to do with them after I have imported them!!), how to edit pre-made projects, how to upload my cartridges, etc. I am having fun learning to use the program and hopefully it won’t be too tough of a learning curve. 

I still have a ton of projects to do, both Cricut and non-Cricut related. So hopefully I will have lots of good things to share with you soon. Here’s a picture of the swing set I used:


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