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Some of you are probably wondering what that is or why you would even need one in scrapbooking. I didn’t think I would need one, until I tried to create a border with a wooden stamp. It’s not very easy and the result wasn’t the best. I had heard of this product, but hadn’t seen it used until I watched one of the YouTube videos a couple of weeks ago.
So what is it? Essentially, it is a piece of plastic and a T-square shaped guide. What you do is take a stamp, ink it with some ink of your choice (it doesn’t have to be the color of ink you are using on your layout or card) and place the T-square shaped guide on the top corner of the plastic sheet. Then, you slide the side of the stamp down the side of the T-square guide and stamp the image onto the sheet. (I have found that using distress ink is the easiest because it’s extremely easy to wipe off of the plastic.) After that is done, you take the piece of plastic and place it over the spot where you want your stamped image on the layout or card, place the T-Square on the top left side of the plastic, remove the plastic and place the stamp into the T-Square guide so that the image is perfectly placed on your page!
I thought that this product was unnecessary until I got it. I love it because it makes seeing where your image should be placed on the page so easy and it helps you get the image just how you want it. For clear stamps it is easy to see where the image will end up. But with traditional wood mounted stamps, you often can’t tell where the edge is. It really helps when you are working on a page long border where you need to line up the stamps perfectly.
If you are doing one of those borders, you stamp the first image, lay the plastic next to the image you just stamped and repeat the process. This way you can control what the spacing is like between images. If it is done properly, it will look like you had one continuous stamp.
While this isn’t one of the items that I would say you need to get when you first start scrapbooking, I would suggest that it is something that you want to purchase if you do a lot of stamping. The one I bought is from Inkadinkado.