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Playing catch up!

I feel like lately I have been playing catch up. My day job has been crazy, so I haven’t had as much time to work on projects as I would like. I had an amazing client ask for a custom order at the craft fair that took me awhile to work on. I loved the idea that she proposed so much that I actually did the same thing for my brother and sister-in-law for part of their wedding present!

For the custom order, I was asked to make one wedding card and eight Christmas cards from the couple. She wanted teal, white and silver as the colors incorporated into both cards. For the wedding one, she wanted starfish and sand dollars along with the colors. It took me awhile to come up with the concept for the wedding card – the Christmas one was easy!

For the eight Christmas cards, I took a white card base and cut a black sheet of card stock to fit over the front, with a small border of the white showing around the edges. I then used a snowflake background stamp inked up with VersaMark and silver embossing powder to create the front piece of the card. Using the Cricut cartridge Elegant Edges, I chose one of the circles with a scalloped edge and cut the top layer in white and the bottom layer in teal. Then I took a monogram stamp that I got from the AC Moore dollar bin and inked it up with teal Stazon ink and placed the “k” monogram in the center. I had some teal see-through ribbon that I thought would look great behind the monogram. I glued all the layers together and then onto the front of the card base.

For the interior, the customer wanted it to say “Merry Christmas from Mr and Mrs. (last name)”. Since I don’t really like printing sentiments from the computer, I had to find stamps that had the correct saying and were size appropriate. The first one I chose was a sled and two reindeer that said Merry Christmas underneath it. Then from a word stamp set that I got at Hobby Lobby I took the word “from”. The Mr and Mrs also came from a stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby, but this one was a wood mounted stamp. (The other one was a clear stamp.) The last stamp I chose was a sign stamp where I could print their last name.

I inked up all these stamps with the same teal Stazon ink I used on the front and stamped them onto a piece of white card stock. I backed that with a piece of black card stock that was a little larger and then placed them onto the inside of the card.

The wedding card was another story. It took me so long to come up with a concept I wasn’t sure I would get it done in time! I knew that I had sand dollars and starfish on the Life’s a Beach Cricut cartridge. I also bought a stamp set when my sister got married on the beach that featured beachy items. I just couldn’t get a background image together.

I went through all my paper (which is A LOT!!) and came across this beach scene – sand, palm trees, beautiful blue sky with clods and the water. I knew I had a stamp of a couple dancing, so it was coming together. What if they were dancing on the beach with some sand dollars and starfish around them, with the beautiful sky and ocean in the background? I cut the paper so that it was mostly the beach and then adhered it to the front of the white card base, with no border. Then, I cut out the pieces from the Cricut and I believe they were 3/4″ or 1″ at the most from white card stock. I inked them up with tea dye distress ink so that they wouldn’t stand out on the beach as much.

Next,  used the same teal Stazon ink and stamped the image of the couple dancing onto white card stock. I did some fussy cutting and then attached it to some silver paper. I also stamped “Best Wishes” onto a piece of white card stock with silver ink and then attached it to some silver paper as well. I adhered the sand dollars, starfish and sentiment right to the card base, but for the couple, I used pop dots so that they would stand out.

For the inside, I used some teal paper and a Martha Stewart deep edge border punch with hearts. The teal paper covered the interior of the card and then I placed a piece of white card stock right underneath of it. On that, I used a stamp that said “May your new lives together abound in love today, tomorrow and forever”. I used some of the hearts that were left over from the top cut out to adorn the corners of the white paper and I was done!

Here are some pictures of the custom order!


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Embossing on shiny paper

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Today I was working on one of my 8×8 baby scrapbooks and I was looking for a certain color of paper to emboss a sentiment on. The only paper that I could find that would go with the background paper happened to be a shiny, metallic paper. I had never tried to emboss on that before because I just assumed that it wouldn’t work. I had tried to stamp on shiny paper and unless you use an ink like Stazon, it takes a long time to dry and smudges.

Because of my stamping experience with shiny paper, I stayed away from embossing on it. I had to try three different times before I got something I liked. The first time, I used green glitter Martha Stewart embossing powder. The result wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for. Between the shininess of the paper and the glitter in the powder, it was too much. So, the second try was a white embossing powder by Martha Stewart. When I hit it with the heat gun, I realized that it was an opaque powder and not the regular white. I accidentally grabbed the wrong one! Ahhhh! Oh well. It came out good, but not great. The opaqueness made it too difficult to see the words once it was placed behind the page protector. On to the third try.

This time I used a Merlot colored Recollections embossing powder. When it was in the bottle, the color was almost the exact same as one of the colors in the background. But, once the heat gun hit it, it was a little different. I’m not sure if it was because of the shiny background or the darker color. It was still my best option and I was tired of trying : )

I used my fancy edged scissors to cut out the phrase and then I placed it on the page with the other items to see how I wanted it to look. It was a long phrase, so I placed it on pop dots so that you could still slide a picture underneath it. Here are some pictures of it:



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Explosion box

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a video on how to make an explosion box. Since it was a step by step video, I used that to help me make my first one. I didn’t go crazy decorating it, but I still think it turned out cute.

When we were trying to come up with an idea for my sister and her fiancé’s wedding gift, we decided to get them a gift certificate to the hotel that they were staying at. This way, they could use it for dinner, drinks, the room, sightseeing or whatever else they wanted. If you know me (or have read some of my other posts), I couldn’t just give them a gift card or a card saying that the gift card is waiting for them in Hawaii.

So, I decided to make them an explosion box! I thought that I could decorate part of it with wedding related icons and the other part with Hawaii related items. I started off with the outer most layer. I knew I wanted this to be the wedding part, since it was for their wedding! I created the bride from the Everyday Paper Doll cartridge. When I tried to cut the flowers out for the bride, the paper kept ripping since it had to be cut so small. Instead, I cut them out in blackout and then ran them through my Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder. This gave the effect of the center of the flower and then I was able to just draw the outline of the flowers around them. I used Frosted Lace Stickles around her veil to give it some shine. Jackie

I used the same cartridge for the groom, but since this was a beach wedding he wasn’t going to wear a tux. I chose the prom boy suit and then made it tan. I added some white gel pen stripes to the tie to help it stand out from the suit. Andy

The next side I did was the Mr and Mrs and rings side. I cut these pieces from my Sweethearts cartridge. When the rings were cut out, you couldn’t really see the lines in the diamond, so I went over them with my teal pen. Then I decided to use my silver stickles to go over the bands and then my Diamond stickles to go over the diamond. I used one of my blue stickles to go over the words Mr and Mrs. Ringsoutside 1

For the last side of the outside of the box, I chose a sticker that I already had of a wedding cake. It looked a little plain to me so I added Cotton Candy stickles over the flowers to give it some color and some white stickles to the frosting on the layers to give it some more dimension. After that was done, I had the four outside panels of my box done. Cake

The next step was to create pockets on the backs of the outermost layer. I did this by taking patterned paper and cutting them down to the same size as the layer and then taking my scallop punch and punching out a little lip in each pocket top. I decided to use wedding words and icon stamps I had in my collection to go on the inserts. I stamped the images in VersaMark and then heat embossed them with white powder. Embossed image inside layer 1

The other layers of the explosion box were created in the same manor. I used cartridges Pack Your Bags and Life is a Beach for the majority of these images. I also used a couple of the embossing folders I had that said love and together forever. I used some clothes pins that I picked up on clearance at Michaels. Stickles were used to enhance some of the words or images. I tried to use a variety of techniques when I designed the explosion box. Here are the results:

Layer 3 side 1Layer 3 side 2Layer 3 side 4Inside

For the last layer’s pockets, I found a quote that I was able to divide up into four parts. I used the clothes pins to number each paper and then added an envelope to the bottom of the inside layer. In that envelope was a message to the bride and groom explaining that their present from all 8 of their siblings was waiting for them in Hawaii.

Here is what the final product looked liked on the night the siblings gave the present to the bride and groom. Unfortunately, the lid didn’t fare so well in its travels. (It had to be put in a carry on all the way to Mexico – I’m surprised it made it at all!! )

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Challenge #10 – Making your own color embossing powder

For my tenth challenge, I decided to do another technique with VersaMark. When I originally bought the VersaMark ink, I thought that you only used it for embossing. I am glad that I am finding that there are many other ways that you can use it! This layout shows one of those different techniques.

To start out, I used an image that I had cut before but wasn’t the right size. It was a large tag that says all dressed up and I had cut it out of glitter paper. The words “All Dressed Up” are cut out and when I placed it on the background, I thought it didn’t look as nice as it could. So, I took some pink scrap paper that I cut into strips. When I placed those behind the cut out words, it still didn’t look right. I found a stamp set that I haven’t really used much (Fiskars Asian Inspired cling stamps) and chose one of the flowered stamps from there. I wanted to emboss that image, but I didn’t have the correct color pink embossing powder. However, I did have worn lipstick distress ink, which would be perfect!

To make your own color, first you ink the image up with VersaMark. Then you ink the image up with the color distress ink you want. (You don’t have to use distress ink.) You then stamp the image on to your paper and cover it with clear embossing powder. Once the image is heated up, the image is embossed in the color ink you stamped with! Here is one of the background pieces that I used for the tag: Embossed flower and here is the final image of the tag (It looks better in person. It was hard to capture a good shot of it!)tag

I thought that the stripped background was a little too much for the whole page. I chose a piece of brown card stock to break it up, but it looked too plain against all the stripes. So I took another stamp from the same Fiskars set (the background stamp) and used the same technique as I did with the tag. I used the worn lipstick distress ink for this as well. It didn’t really turn out too pink, but I like the way it ended up. Next time I will try it with vintage photo or walnut stain, but I was trying to tie some of the pink in to the bottom of the page. Here are the results:Background

To tie the page together, I took a see through piece of pink ribbon and adhere it to the page between the two pieces of paper. Since it was sheer, I used the cheater method to attach it (Only glue or tape the ribbon on the back of the page). It was slipping a little bit on the front so I put tiny dots of glue on the edge of parts of the ribbon where it wasn’t so sheer to hold it in place. I glued down all of the pictures and the tag and my page was complete. Here’s a look at the final product:FInal page

Hope you like this page! As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions!

Wild Card Cartridge – Cupcake

Tonight I decided to try to make another card from this cartridge. One of my friends is having a birthday this month so I thought I would make a card for her. Looking through the images available on this cartridge, I found one with a birthday cupcake and made it for her.

I started off making the envelope (see previous Wild Card Cartridge post for the reason) and it was able to be cut at 5 1/4 inches. First I cut the image out regularly (icon plus shift key) in purple and then I cut the image in blackout (icon, blackout and shift keys) in white. Doing so makes a nice liner for the card and it also helped camouflage a minor error. When I cut the first image, one of the candles did not cut out correctly.Pieces

Next I cut out the card at the same size, 5 1/4 inches, in white card stock. I then also cut out the layers of the cupcake in white card stock. For the wrapper, I applied VersaMark to the whole surface and then applied silver embossing powder. Once it is heated, the wrapper looks like the shiny tin foil wrappers for cupcakes! I then took the icing of the cupcake and ran it through the Cuttlebug to create some movement in the icing. Next, I applied VersaMark to the raised part of the image and applied shiny blue embossing powder to the icing and heated it up. Then I glued those two pieces on top of the cupcake on the card and colored the candle and flame in with marker. Cupcake

To fix the error that was made cutting out the purple layer of the envelope, I cut off the flames on the purple candle. I used the same technique I did on the candle on the cupcake for the candles on the envelope. I then glued the white liner to the purple envelope and then adhered the sides to form the envelope.

The final touches on the card were to stamp – party just because on the inside of the card. I took two different shades of purple (milled lavender and dusty concord) and inked up the stamp.InsideOnce that was complete, I glued the top of the envelope together and the card is ready to send!

Here are the final results of the card:
Card & EnvFInal

Challenge # 8

I was curious to see how much I could do with an embossed image. When I was watching the YouTube and TwoPeas videos, there were a lot of different ideas. As I started going through the ones I wrote down, I found one I thought I could use on this page.

I used a couple of different embossing folders on this layout. I used two different swirled ones to create hearts to compliment the hearts that were on the page already. I used scraps of grey and pink which are two of the main colors in the background page. I used my Fiskars small and extra-large heart punches to create the hearts after I ran the paper through the Cuttlebug.

The last embossing folder I used comes from the Sizzix wedding set. It says Together Forever in a script font. This is where I used a new technique. I took a light grey piece of scrap paper and ran it through the Cuttlebug using the Together Forever folder. Then I used VersaMark and covered the entire surface of the embossed image. Once the VersaMark was on the image, I used clear embossing powder and the heat gum to set the powder. This technique gives you a slightly darker image than the original with a little bit of a shine. I think it makes the embossed image stand out more than if you just left it.

To finish off the page, I took a scrap piece of pink paper and wrote in silver ink a line from a song. I also took a rectangle pink scrap paper and embossed it with the same swirl folder I used on the pink hearts. I placed the Together Forever embossed piece on top of that paper and decided it needed a little something so I took the design scissors and cut a fancy edge around the image.
Embossed phrase
I then glued all the pieces down and added the pictures. I had placed the pictures side by side with no spacing in between and matted them on the same grey paper I used earlier. I also used a grey chalk ink to lightly ink the edges of the mat.

Here are the results:
Full layout

Hope this gives you some ideas for new techniques! As always, feel free to comment.

Challenge # 4

The technique to decided to try out for my fourth challenge is called masking. I chose two pictures of my friends Erika and Mike singing with the band onstage during their reception. Originally I had chosen a patterned background, but to do this technique, I had to switch it out for a plain white piece of paper.
Since they were the stars of the day, I decided to use stars as a mask. I recently purchased a Martha Stewart stars punch all over the page punch and thought this might be a good place to try it out. I used a scrap piece of teal colored paper and placed the cut out stars all over the plain white piece of paper. Teal Stars
After the stars were placed where I wanted them, I then took a blue perfect pearls mist and sprayed the page. I then went back over it with a little bit of the pink perfect pearls mist. This is the result. Misted *One note, next time I do this I think I will use the other part left over from the punch because doing it this way made some of the stars move when I went to spray them. Lesson learned!
Once the page was misted, I used tweezers to remove the star pieces and then hit the paper with the heat gun so that it would dry faster. I found the patterned paper that I wanted to use for the photo mats and mounted them. I decided that the page needed a couple more pieces. As I am one that will use as many scraps as I can, I wanted to use the stars with the perfect pearl mist on them. I took a piece of chipboard that I embossed with white embossing powder and glued down those teal stars.
The last piece I needed to create was the “Celebrate” embossed embellishment. I bought a bunch of embossing folders from Sizzix the other day and one of them was the birthday folders. I thought the “Celebrate” one was appropriate because the day was all about celebrating Erika and Mike and it also contained stars to tie into the star-themed page! After I ran that through my Cuttlebug, I used Stickles to outline the word Celebrate and then used my white gel pen to outline the big star and color in the smaller stars. The final touch was adding a cloud clothes pin embellishment to the top corner and glue everything down. Here is the finished project:
I plan on trying the masking technique again for another page soon! It was a fun way to turn a plain piece of white paper into something shiny with subtle background shapes.