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Sketch Sunday # 22

Since I just wrote a guest blog post for, I am just going to post the YouTube video for Sketch Sunday. Go over to her blog in a couple of days to catch the post on this video!

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Sketch Sunday #17

Hi everyone! It’s Sunday again. Boo. Sadly, it means another week of work. Luckily, my work week only consists of two day this week. Even so, I am dreading this Sunday night. The hours of the day are going too quickly and I still have a To Do List a mile long. And somehow, with each thing that gets checked off, at least one more thing replaces it. Ugh.

However, one of the (only) good things about Sunday is that it’s the day I get to do my Sketch Sunday videos. I really look forward to making them! As I have the past couple of Sketch Sundays, I used the My Favorite Things Sketch for my card. Their blog info is if you want to go over and check out the sketch!

Today happens to be my Sister in Law’s birthday. I know that I should have made her card before now, but with the craft shows, work and just trying to get things done around the house, there isn’t much time left to do things ahead of time. So, I decided to use this week’s sketch to make her card. Not a bad idea – two birds with one stone, right?and

I found the stamp set from My Favorite Thing that I wanted to use for her card. She loves cats so I decided to use the stamp set Pure Innocence Kitty Costume. First, I took a Nestabilities die and cut the shape from 65 lb white card stock from Recollections. I then stamped the main image in Momento Tuxedo black ink (because I don’t have the MFT black ink – yet! It’s on order!!!) I die cut a larger die from the same collection in a light blue paper, also from Recollections. I took a sponge dauber and some Distress ink in Broken China and inked around the edges of the two shapes I cut out, as well as the background and the patterned paper.

I colored in the girl dressed as a cat using Promarkers, distress markers and Studio G markers. I stamped the girl again on patterned paper and then cut her dress out so that I could paper piece it to the image on the cut out shape. I did this by using a Zig Two Way Glue pen.

I took a piece of 110 lb white card stock and cut it down to 7″ x 10″ and folded it in half to make a 5″ x 7″ card base. I cut the blue piece of card stock for the background to an 1/8″ smaller than the card base. The patterned paper that I used is from the American Crafts Hip Hip Hooray paper pad. I used that as inspiration for the color pallet for the rest of the card. Her dress came from the paper pad Oh Darling by Crate Paper. The last pieces of card stock that I used were some scraps that I had lying around. They all come from Michael’s Recollections line – all open stock paper.

I used several My Favorite Things dies. The first is the letters dies and the second is the party hat accompanying pieces. The latter was not in the YouTube video – it was added after the video was done because I looked at the card and it seemed like it still needed a “little something”. I also used some clear glitter glue on top of the letters to give it a little sparkle.

Here’s what the card looks like all finished:


What do you think? Here’s the link to the YouTube video so you can see before I added a couple of things:

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Sketch Sunday # 16

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday! I am a little (ok a lot) late with this post. I did manage to load the video yesterday, so that’s an improvement for me. I am trying to get better at this. I had a show on Saturday, so that past two weeks, that was all I focused on!

So, without further ado, here is the link to the video and a picture of the card. (Warning – you’ll see lots of mess ups in this video! lol)


The card dimensions and cut sizes are as follows:

Card base is 8″ x 5 1/2″

Score at 2″ and 6″ to create the gate folds.

Solid pink paper is cut at 2″ x 5 1/2″

Black and white camera paper is cut at 1/8″ smaller than pink paper

Cupcake paper is cut at 2 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ with the white card stock cut at 1/8″ larger than the cupcake paper.

Bellyband is cut at 1″ x 10″. Where you score depends on the thickness of the papers you use.

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To Do Lists

Lately I have been having a tough time sleeping. Ok, so maybe it hasn’t been lately. It’s really been months. I can’t remember getting a good night’s sleep since my surgery – in February. My mind races at night thinking of the things I need to accomplish the next day. This can range from craft projects to exercises for therapy to bills I have to somehow figure out how to pay while being out of work on disability. You know, stressful things. 

My solution has been to try and write a To Do List before I go to bed each night. I have scraps of paper lying all around my room so I use them to write the lists. Each night it feels like the list grows. I am hoping that eventually writing the lists will help clear my mind. I also hope it will help me remember everything that I need to do, even if I don’t accomplish it in one day. (Let’s face it, who accomplishes their To Do List every day? Or ever??) 

I also hope that this will help my creative process. Having to constantly think about all the mundane details of everyday life takes up valuable brain power. My creativity will hopefully start shinning through, especially since I have three 2 day shows coming up in the next couple of months. I need to be at maximum creativity right now and having all these tasks isn’t helping.

So far I think it’s helping me sleep a little better. I mean, I don’t fall asleep any faster – it’s still 2 or 3 am before I fall asleep. And it doesn’t help with the telemarketer phone calls that wake me up each morning. But, it does help clear my mind. 

What helps you clear your mind so you can create? 

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Lately, I have felt like I can’t come up with new ideas. I’ve been having a tough time concentrating (could be due more to all the pain my body has been going through and the fact I can’t take anything for it!) and when I can’t concentrate I can’t create. I feel like I have ADD more than I ever have. I’ve always joked that I did because I usually can’t sit still for very long (unless I am creating something – then hours can go by without me realizing it). 

So since lately I haven’t been able to come up with completely fresh ideas, I’ve been turning to Pinterest. And yes I know, it’s the biggest time suck there is, but it is also a great source for inspiration. But only if you give yourself a time limit and stick to it. (I do and I hardly ever stick to it – again, that’s why Pinterest is a time suck!!) 

The amount of creativity out there is amazing. Often you will see some of the same things over and over, but once in awhile, you come across something that makes you want to try it. Now, when I say I find inspiration, I don’t repin something and then copy it. Often I will take one design element and use that to help me make a new card. For example, this card. ImageI took the number cut out idea and created this card – 

ImageSame design principle using cut out numbers with color behind them, but completely different look. And that’s what I mean by inspiration, not copying!

Now I know there are plenty of people out there that will see an idea and just say, I can make that! They will copy your design and pass it off as their own. It happens all the time in business. Now with sites like Pinterest and Etsy, it’s even easier for them to do so. It’s unfortunate since it often takes a long time to come up with some designs, picking the right colors and papers and executing your vision. If you’re going to copy me, at least give me credit!! 

Anyway, I know that people are Pinterest-crazy and I love it to. It’s a great source of inspiration that I have been turning to lately. If you want to check out what I’ve been pinning, here’s my info:

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Epic Fail on my Goals

A couple of posts back, I listed my goals for myself. I was doing okay for a while and then I slacked off. I do have a (small) excuse. I did get really sick and I was in bed for an entire weekend. Now I am feeling a little better, so I need to get myself back into a routine.

I have been making lots of cards, but I haven’t listed them on Etsy. The reason is because I haven’t taken any pictures. I am not good at that part and it’s not least favorite (and most time-consuming) part of the process. It takes so long to set up a space, adjust the lighting, drag out my camera and then try to take some good pictures. Once the pictures are taken, then the editing process begins. I don’t think that people realize how long it takes to list an item! For me, I’d rather spend that time creating. However, I can’t list anything on Etsy without pictures. Catch 22. Isn’t that always the way??

That’s another reason that I haven’t written posts lately. I have been in a creative mood and have been spending my time creating rather than writing or even making videos for YouTube. I sometimes have a difficult time budgeting my time. When I am in my craft room creating, I often lose track of time. I can spend hours in there creating and it feels like ten minutes have gone by. While this is great for the creative process, it often leaves me with little time to do the administrative things that need to be done.

I am working on a schedule to try to help with this. I will allot specific amounts of time each week to make sure that the work that I don’t like doing can get done. Hopefully this will allow me to accomplish more things each day and week. I have several craft shows coming up and I also want to make sure that my Etsy store is stocked with items.

To solve the photograph issue, I am debating on having someone else take pictures of my items. I have a quote from someone who will take and edit my pictures. The only problem is, I have to sell a lot to make this solution worthwhile. They say that pictures really make the difference – maybe if I have better, more professional pictures, I will get more hits. And, this will help me stock up my store as I have to have lots of items to drop off to be photographed. I may do one set and see how I fare with it.

What do you think? Do you think it’s worth it to outsource the pictures? Or should I just suck it up and try to get better at photography? I can always try to take a class or read some books to help. But then again, that takes away from my creating time. Another catch 22. I can’t win!! : )

Now I have a plan and am going to try my best to stick to it. I’ll keep you updated and let you know how I am doing. I hope to stick as closely to my new plan as possible. I also think writing about it makes me more accountable.

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YouTube is the best – and the worst!

How can YouTube be both the best and worst tool for my creativity? It is a great resource for coming up with new ideas, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many different tips that you can pick up. I have learned so many new techniques just by typing in one or two of the items that I want to use in a layout.

However, lately I have become overwhelmed, not by the products themselves, but by the styles of the scrapbook pages that I have seen. I have started following a couple of designers whose style of scrapbooking I really admire. I have tried to emulate their way of scrapbooking, but I just can’t seem to get it correct. And then I get frustrated.

Sometimes too many ideas are worse than not enough. The styles I like are all different and as much as I try to match them in my pages, I feel like its not right. After trying to recreate a bunch of pages, I realized that it’s because it’s not my style. While I like looking at other designers’ layouts and trying to find some new inspiration, each scrapbooker has their own unique style. I think my problem is that I was trying to copy someone else’s work rather than incorporating aspects of it into my work.

Some designers use a single picture on the page and cluster their embellishments around it so that most of the page features the background paper. While I really like the look of this style, it isn’t me. I like the “more is more” approach. I think of the background paper as just a base to put my pictures on rather than the focus of the page. I like adding lots of embellishments like pieces I made from the Cricut, stamped or embossed images and/or titles and journaling.

YouTube is great for picking up tips and techniques. I will use it for learning how to use new products. However, I now know that everyone has their own style and you should stick with what works for you. There is no wrong in scrapbooking! Enjoy picking up new ideas from scrapbook,but stay true to your style. Happy scrapping!