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Anniversary Card

With all the craziness in my life lately, I haven’t had much time to work ahead. I like to have things made in advance (which, by the way, never seems to work. But it sounded good!!). So, when it was Sunday and I realized that I didn’t have an anniversary card made for my parents’ anniversary on Tuesday, I had to think fast. When I still had nothing made on Tuesday for our dinner Tuesday night, I knew I was in trouble!

But then I remembered seeing this adorable card on the Wild Card cartridge. It was a card with a bottle of champagne that looked like it hung off the edge of the card. So, I used YouTube to try to find a video of either how to make the card or what the final product would look like. That’s the thing about this cartridge – it’s tough to tell what you are going to end up with. The images don’t do the cards justice.

When I found nothing on YouTube, I just went for it. For the envelope, I used a My Mind’s Eye paper that was light pink on one side and pink and green stripes on the back and for the card I used a two-sided paper, also from My Mind’s Eye, that was mint green on one side and a green striped pattern on the other. I placed the pink side up to cut the envelope and hit the “Fit to Page” button. *A note to anyone who cuts out cards from the Cricut cartridges – always cut out the envelope first, if you are making a coordinating card and envelope. Sometimes the Cricut will allow you to cut out the card larger than the coordinating envelope, so to avoid this, cut the envelope first!* I did the same thing with the mint green side up to cut out the card. (I believe when you hit “Fit to Page” on a 12×12 sheet of paper, this will cut out at 6 inches.)

I then assembled the envelope, which ended up with the martini glass fitting the width of the envelope, with the exception of the bottom, which wrapped around to the front of the envelope. The card folded over and the champagne bottle wrapped around to the front to hold the card closed! It was so cute!! *Another note – there is a “Liner” feature with this cartridge so that if you don’t use double-sided paper, it doesn’t mean that the inside of the envelope and card has to be white (or whatever color the back of the paper is that you are using). I like using double-sided paper because that way I don’t have to worry about picking another coordinating paper.

Once I had assembled the pieces, I decided to color in the champagne bottle. I wanted to use my Spectrum Noir markers. (They are similar to Copic, but are less expensive, alcohol – based markers).  I chose the True black for the middle of the bottle and three shades of grey for the other parts. I used the lightest to color the remaining parts in and then just added the two darker colors where I thought a shadow might fall. I’m really not that great at shading – I should’ve paid more attention in art class in middle school. But who would’ve thought I’d ever need that? HA.

The final touch for the front was using the glitter gel pens I have to color in the cork. For the inside, I added two white sheets of paper so that I could stamp a sentiment and write something to my parents. For the left side of the inside, I used a circle die cut that I had and stamped the number “36” in Archival black. I attached that, refolded the card and I was finished. Quick, but beautiful card!

Happy 36th Anniversary to my parents!




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