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Hayden’s Heart and Sevenly

I’m a day late (and a dollar short, right?), but I wanted to let you all know about a great cause that I am hoping my readers will support. Hayden’s Heart is an organization I stumbled upon by accident. On Facebook one day, one of my friends had commented on something and I noticed that a co-worker of mine had commented on the same post. They don’t know each other and live hours apart. So, I decided to investigate and see how they knew each other!

Turns out they didn’t. They both commented on a post by Hayden’s Heart. Hayden was a little boy who was born with CHD (check out Hayden’s Heart’s FB page or the foundation’s website for more info – or that unfortunately passed away. In his mom, Addy’s grief, she found the strength to start an organization honoring Hayden. She has done an amazing job and worked tirelessly to promote his foundation and his memory. My friend, that I’ve known since high school, has a daughter that needed a heart surgery. While she was in there, she met a little boy who actually became one of Hayden’s Heart warriors. My co-worker knew of Hayden’s mom through a mutual friend and because friends with her after Hayden’s passing.

So, in a crazy six degrees of Kevin Bacon type situation, I became familiar with Hayden and his story. I have supported the cause by donating during the ice bucket challenge (I also donated to ALS, so please don’t say that was just for ALS. I know people affected by both, so I donated twice!!) and I’ve also bought sweatshirts and blankets for my nieces. My nieces wore those blankets in the NICU and my co-worker told me that they were going to be fine because Hayden was watching over them!! (They’re doing so amazing btw, so he must have been. Thanks Hayden!)

When a message went out on Facebook asking for help from anyone who has a personal blog, I said that I would. I was asked to blog about this great opportunity for the Hayden’s Heart organization. Here’s the deal: They were chosen to partner with a company called Sevenly (Facebook page – and website – They design apparel for the cause that they choose, which this week is Hayden’s Heart, and will donate from each sale to the charity. Please go over and support Hayden’s Heart! I don’t often ask for help with things like this, but it’s a cause that is special to me. Thank you. Hayden’s Heart will be the charity from February 9-15.


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