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Too many ideas, not enough time.

I’m getting ready for my next craft fair and as I am making one item, I get pulled in another direction. You know why? Because I watch YouTube and go on Facebook! People are just so darn creative and I keep thinking to myself, I can do that. Oh yeah – Pinterest (and my sister!!) are also enablers. HAHA.

I started making canvases with saying on them and then my sister sent me this pin with an adorable saying on it. So, of course, I wanted to make that too! I only have a couple done and since I just got my nails done today, I won’t be making any more before Saturday’s craft fair. (I get paint EVERYWHERE!! And I just spend almost $70 on a mani-pedi, so I am not taking ANY chances of ruining it!)

I saw something that I just felt I have to work on. There’s a woman who I follow on YouTube who does amazing tutorials and she is helping to organize this Caring Hearts Card Drive. It is for elderly people in nursing homes to receive cards. I want to participate in it in honor of my grandmother. She was in an assisted living facility for about two years before she passed away. I went to visit her as often as I could (being that I was in college in a different state it was not as often as I’d like, but I tried!). During that time, we saw people who never had any visitors. It made me so sad to see so many elderly people who didn’t have any friends or family close by or even living to pay a visit. The holidays were especially difficult.

Even though I am short on time, I still plan to make at least a couple of cards to send on. If you want to participate, here is the link to the blog post. All the info is listed there on requirements and mailing addresses.

To all my crafty friends – please consider making cards. Have your kids make cards! Nothing has to be professional looking. You do a good deed AND you are also eligible to win some amazing prizes! Last year there were around 3,600 cards collected. Let’s help make it bigger this year!

I know everyone’s time is limited, especially this time of the year. It’s just a nice thing to do. : )

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Fairly new to scrapbooking and learning as I go. I wanted to share some of my tips with others who may be new to scrapbooking or card making. Feel free to comment or make suggestions on any of my work or ideas - I love feedback! Especially if it's about a new product I should try - I love getting new material! Check out my other blog for tips on party planning, ideas for party themes and how to stretch your party budget! *I do not get paid to endorse any of the products and/or retailers I talk about in my blog.*

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  1. I can relate to getting distracted! Right now, I have an order needing to be packed and shipped and a custom order to start. But somehow, I am checking WordPress. Looks like a late night, I think. And the card project is awesome. What a great service.

    • Thanks Lisa! I am captain distracto! Haha. I can find any excuse to do something, anything, than what I should be doing! Even (gasp) cleaning. But of course, the Internet is my favorite distraction……


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