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Happy WordPress Anniversary!

I got a notification that today is my three year anniversary of starting my blog. It got me thinking of where I was three years ago when I was scared to even start this. So many things (good and bad) have happened since I started, both personally and professionally. I love that I have a blog to go back and see where it all started and how far I have come.

Three years ago when I started this, I was an exercise fiend and probably in the best shape of my life. Little did I know that a couple of weeks later I would suffer an injury that would change things for me so drastically. This blog gave me something to do during the 5 months I was out of work for my first surgery and during the 7 months I was out for my second surgery. Basically, I worked on scrapbook projects, made YouTube videos and blogged. I would have gone crazy without these outlets.

My job has changed drastically, while my title (and pay) have stayed the same. I’ve had three different bosses in less than three years, which makes it extremely difficult to feel settled. My two closest friends left the company and it’s been tough to get motivated because of the constant changes to policies, responsibilities and schedules. Needless to say, these past couple of years have been tough, with the last one being the toughest work-wise.

These past three years haven’t all been bad. I started doing craft shows, which have been both fun and eye-opening. I think I have found my niche market – school craft fairs! I love meeting people who appreciate handcrafted things. I have become an aunt several times over during these past three years (mostly over the last year!!).

One of the best things about the past three years is joining Etsy. Not Etsy itself per se (which I will discuss in a future post about all the changes to Etsy and my opinions on them!), but the friends I have made. Before joining Etsy, I had a few friends that were crafty, but not a lot. One day I happened to join a team called South Jersey Etsians, started by a woman named Jaime and I started to meet all of these incredible artists. People who loved to make things by hand and who appreciated the time it takes to make things. I’m not saying that my friends and family don’t appreciate the things I make, because I know that they do!! It’s just now I have people that I can talk to about the creative side of business.

But I think that the best thing that has changed over the past three years is my relationship with my sister. By no means are we best friends, but we have been through a lot in this time. She has helped me with a couple of shows, which was amazing. We worked so well together, making things for the craft shows. She has also helped me come up with new ideas for my business – new projects and new clients.

I have also watched my little sister become engaged, get married and become a mom. I think these three things have helped our relationship tremendously, especially the last one. Her becoming a mom was strange – I think it’s always weird to see your “little” sister become a mom. I was there to see her hold her daughter for the first time. It was several days after the twins were born and I will never forget how emotional it was. I was there (with my camera of course!!) and got to capture the moment. (As I was writing this, I was listening to the Top 50 Country songs on iTunes radio and the song “God Made Girls”, which is the song that was playing in one of the videos my sister made of the girls in the NICU. It always makes me tear up, because the video showed the progress of the girls from their birth until about two weeks before they left the NICU.)

So, thank you WordPress for reminding me of how much has changed in three years. The good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you for allowing me to document it all. It was fun to go down memory lane. But, now it’s back to work for me. Sketch Sunday anyone???

Thanks for stopping by!


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