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Excitement and disappointment

These past couple of weeks have been sheer craziness! I have been training new hires at my day job since the beginning of June, so I have been traveling non-stop. I finally was able to take a week vacation, which wasn’t really a vacation. I got text messages and phone calls from people all week – not very relaxing! I also spent a lot of time with my sister in law, shopping and making things for my sister’s shower. 

I took off on the 23rd so that I could get some furniture delivered and it just so happened to be craft day on HSN. I have been thinking about getting the Explore for awhile now and I knew it would be on sale that day. I ended up buying the Anna Griffin bundle, which was on sale for less than what I have seen it in stores for. I think it comes with two cartridges, some vinyl and paper, a mat and two months of free images on Design Space. 

I was all excited the other day when I got the email from HSN that it was shipping. I was even more excited when I got the tracking email that said it should be here some time this week. 

And then I went to turn on my computer yesterday. It was dead. Well, not dead, but I got what some call the “gray screen of death”. I was devastated. This happened to my last iMac. These things aren’t cheap. I got them from my hard earned points at work and wanted them to last more than two years. 

The reason that I am so upset about the iMac “dying” is because you need the new Explore to be hooked up to a computer to work. My plan was to bring the computer downstairs and put it on my new desk and then to have the Explore down there. But, apparently it had other plans. 

I found this out on Sunday when I came home from the shower and tried to upload the pictures from the shower. I freaked out and immediately googled “gray screen on iMac” to look for solutions. Nothing worked. I stopped and then tried again today.

After trying ALMOST everything, I found one solution that sounded like it was going to work. I turned the computer off and then back on and before the chimes, I held down the Option button. It brought me to a screen that asked me to connect to my wireless router and then after trying that twice, it actually worked! (There was a gray bar underneath that would only get about halfway done before a spinning gray wheel would pop up and nothing would happen). 

I was back to being super excited again. Hopefully my Explore will be here by the end of this week and I can start creating some things with it!

I have uploaded the video on the shower decor I made – I’ll write a post on that as well with the link if you guys want to check it out!

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