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Learning to interpret a sketch

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These Sketch Sunday videos have been very fun for me. I enjoy looking at designs that other people came up with (and giving them credit in my video of course!!) and interpreting their design. I think I am getting better with each passing video and am learning what it means to interpret a sketch.
Since I am a Type A, I (sometimes) like to follow the rules and to me that means if there’s an oval shape on the card, my card must have an oval. If there are six circles on the sketch, my card will have six circles on it. But the sketch I used today helped me break free of that rule following aspect of my personality!! Below the sketch were several different card designer’s interpretations of the sketch. Some used squares instead of the ovals. Others used a tag in place of them. Some didn’t feature the exact layout of the bottom part of the card – no one said that it had to be the exact same – you just use the sketch as a guide.
And that’s what I did with this card! It turned out to be a lot less stressful because I didn’t have to look for ovals when I really wanted to use my wafer thin deckled edge dies. So I did! I also used some scarps from another project to make two of the elements.
The project turned out pretty well I think. I like it! It will be going up on Etsy soon (hopefully!). There won’t be a Sketch Sunday next week, but I should be back the following week. I have meetings for work and won’t be able to create, sadly.
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