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Washi tape and dies

I was designing some new cards yesterday and I used the Simon Says Stamp numbers dies to cut out a bunch of numbers for the front of the card. The sentiment said on a 1-10 scale you’re an 11 (or something to that effect) so I thought it would be cute to have numbers floating around on the background. I took my dies and cut the numbers out of patterned paper. THen, I had to glue each one to cardbase individually.

After I was done that, I thought I might try some washi tape on the front to hold the sentiment down. I decided against it because it didn’t look right. But then I thought, why not use washi tape to cut the numbers instead of card stock? This way I can skip a step as they would already be sticky enough to just put on the card front?

Genius! Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner? I use washi tape to hold dies in place in my Cuttlebug, but never did I think to cut things out using the tape. So, I started a little experiment.

First, I used my thicker washi tape because the thinner rolls weren’t wide enough to cut the whole number out. I used my Genius platform (no pun intended!!) and stuck the die down to the base so that the cutting blade was face up. Then I put the washi tape over the number 3, sticky side facing up. After I ran it though the Cuttlebug, I nervously lifted the top off and saw it cut through. Success!! I essentially had a sticker “3”!

So, then I decided to be brave and try the die from Simon Says Stamp that says “baby”. It’s a very intricate die and a little wider than the washi tape so I put it at an angle. It wasn’t staying put so I used some smaller pieces of washi tape to hold the tape down. Unfortunately, the results weren’t as good as the first time. Since the die was so delicate, it was tough to get the washi tape off the top of the sandwich. The washi tape tore a little.

Using washi tape and dies in the Cuttlebug is something I will experiment with again. I will try it with less intricate dies, like the numbers and border dies to see the results. I haven’t actually made anything with the washi tape, but I plan on it! It was a fun thing to try and I encourage you to use your supplies in a unique way. You never know what you will come up with!



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