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Beginning of Craft Show Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. Once September hits, it’s the start of a new season – craft show time! It seems that every town around here has a show between September and December. Which is great because it means that there are many opportunities to make money. However, it also means that consumers have tons of shows to choose from – great for them, maybe not so great for vendors?

I recently did a show called the FAF – Fall Arts Festival in Woodbury, NJ. I was excited because last year, this event was my first craft show. This year, they decided to extend it to a two-day show. I excitedly applied and was devastated to learn that I had been rejected. Unsure of why, I began to tell my other crafty friends. I heard lots of theories, but nothing definitive. One of my friends spoke to someone at the FAF and the next thing I knew, I got an email that they “reconsidered” my application. However, it seemed like they were doing me a favor. I should’ve taken that as a sign to not do it.

The first day came and I went to go get my spot. I was disappointed to learn that I was on a side street because I heard the vendors that were put there last year complain. I then saw my friend and she also told me that she was on the side street. Sales were extremely slow. I was put next to an empty spot, which was nice because I had more space. However, due to lack of sales on the first day, the second day was worse. There were FOUR empty spots next to me to the right, one vendor to the left and then two more empty next to hers. Right after that was a traveling “play” that would perform every hour at the exact same time as the band at the top of the street began their set. The poorly timed music competition was distracting to customers. You couldn’t hear what they were saying and the crowd often drifted out of tents to go see what was going on.

Needless to say, this was not a good show for me. I didn’t make my booth fee back – in fact, I lost a lot of money. I think that this year they catered to the food vendors and not the crafters. I wrote to them to tell them what I thought and some suggestions and they responded with a nice enough email. However, I don’t think I will be doing that show again.

I am looking forward to doing the show at my high school next month. I did really well there last year and this year I will have my sister to help. She is making deco mesh wreaths and I did sell 4 out of the 6 she gave me at the last craft show. I am hoping that this show will make up for the disappointing show I had in September.

With so many shows coming up, I hope that consumers aren’t craft-showed out! I hope that these next two that I am doing are going to be well attended. It’s closer to the holidays and I think that’s the key. This one show is the Saturday before Thanksgiving so people are getting ready to shop!

What do you think? Are you ever tired of shopping at craft shows? Is there now a craft show overload?

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