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Oh how I wish I paid more attention to you when I was younger, art classes! And how I wish I had taken more art related subjects in high school and college (you know, when someone else was paying for them – ha!) I wish that I could go back in time and tell myself to stop worrying about what others will think if you take an art class instead of a business class and just take it. 

So now I am kicking myself for not continuing down the path I was on. In middle school, I got accepted into Talented Art. I loved it. You had two back to back periods of art. I even spent lunches in there. Most of us did. We had our own little art community where we could be as creative as we wanted to be. It was a great time. Well, minus when we actually had to learn the “Art History” part and sit through Mrs. S’s slides. 

I wish I remembered more of the supplies we used. I look around at the art store and see things and know I’ve used them before in a project, but the rest of the memory is hazy. I see pastels and know that I asked for a box of them for Christmas one time. They’re still sitting downstairs in a drawer in my dad’s office, along with the sketch pad. At one point they were used, but no more. Would I even know what to do with them if I tried to pick them up?

I know that everyone has a part of their past that they wish they remembered better or things they wish they continued. I was hoping to find some art classes in the Continuing Education book at one of the local community colleges, but I didn’t see much. There was photography, which I may need to take at some point to improve my pictures for Etsy. But there wasn’t really a basic art class. Maybe I need to take one as part of a program for a degree?

All I really wanted to do was take a class to try and jog my memory. I know that the information on how to use the supplies is in there somewhere. I miss being in a classroom surrounded by all artsy people. Even though I got distracted very easily (and I still do!!), it was a great environment. I just wanted to have that feeling again. Maybe it’s just nostalgia and my memories are romanticized. I do remember being frustrated when I couldn’t get something to look quite how I wanted it to. Or maybe I’ll just pick up some of those old supplies and see if it jogs my memory……

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  1. I feel the same way, Michele. I started off college as a fine arts major and switched to anthropology & history, sine it would have been “more useful.” But passions die hard, and I also feel the urge to just create art. I am so thankful for our little etsy group…it is wonderful to be surrounded by other creative souls. I am looking for a basic drawing class to get myself disciplined again…let me know if you are interested…we can be class buddies.

    • I’m thankful for our etsy group too! You guys are such a source of encouragement!! I’d love to take classes. And you know it’s always more fun to take a class with a friend!!

  2. I was an “art kid” in high school and I too spent my lunches and study halls in the art room and loved being surrounded by creative people. I also had the luxury of having an uncle who was an artist who was always encouraging creative expression. I have dabbled in lots of different mediums, although my knowledge far exceeds my talent. When the kids were younger, we spent many a rainy day “playing” with art supplies, including pastels and charcoals and watercolors. If you want to come over and “play” some afternoon, I’d be happy to pull it all out. Also Perkins Center for the Arts in Collingswood offers adult classes. I haven’t taken any there, but I’ve heard really good things about them

    • I look back on those times with such fondness Lisa! It was so great to be surrounded by creativity. I’d love to do that! I’ll have to look into that to see what classes they offer. I’d love to take something. Thanks for letting me know!


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