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Happy National Scrapbooking day! I didn’t realize until a year or two ago that this day existed, like many of the other “National so-and-so-” days. I am not sure who decides that it’s a National day, but I am glad this one came about. Not only do stores give great deals, but it’s an excuse to craft all day. (Who needs an excuse to do so, though??)

Unfortunately, I won’t be participating this year. At least not in the traditional sense. I am heading down to the shore to spend the day walking around at the Ocean City Block Party. It’s always packed and there are great vendors. I love walking the ten or so blocks to check everything out. This year may be difficult – I am going to need to stop and sit a lot because of my knee, but I am going to try to push myself. So, instead of working on things to sell or my own projects this National Scrapbook day, maybe I will buy from another fellow scrapbooker.

I will, however, be working on some sketches and new ideas for projects. So, I guess that means in a way I am participating. I have so many new products that I can’t wait to use and need to draw some sketches so that I can get started on using them. I went to Jo-Ann’s and A.C. Moore last night and got a couple of things. I didn’t go crazy like I have been at the online stores.

I was disappointed in Jo-Ann’s. Their scrapbooking section was so tiny (in my store at least) and it wasn’t that great. Their prices were higher than A.C. Moore’s or Michael’s on some things. For example, I bought a Zig 2 way glue pen that was a whole dollar more than at the other two stores. I only bought it because I had a 50% off coupon. In retrospect, I should’ve used that at Michael’s and got more for my money, but I didn’t want to go there too.

Anyway – I am getting a little of topic. You all know I can ramble! I just wanted to wish my fellow scrapbookers (and I’d include carmakers as well!!) a Happy National Scrapbooking Day! May you be creative all day long. Oh – and is there a separate National Cardmaker’s Day? I wonder………

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Fairly new to scrapbooking and learning as I go. I wanted to share some of my tips with others who may be new to scrapbooking or card making. Feel free to comment or make suggestions on any of my work or ideas - I love feedback! Especially if it's about a new product I should try - I love getting new material! Check out my other blog for tips on party planning, ideas for party themes and how to stretch your party budget! *I do not get paid to endorse any of the products and/or retailers I talk about in my blog.*

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