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Operation Write Home

So, I’ve been really pretty depressed lately. First with all of my health issues and just thinking about all the new tests they have to run and all the restrictions to my diet and life. Then, I got rejected from a craft show I participated in last year. And not just any show – it was my first ever and it was one that I helped out with. So, I felt pretty down.

But then I watched one of Jennifer McGuire’s videos on how she made cards for the troops overseas. It’s an organization called Operation Write Home. For those of you who don’t know, I am a big believe in giving to charities. Recently I donated over 8 large trash bags of clothes to Goodwill, made cards for Hayden’s Heart and am in the process of making cards for March of Dimes fundraiser. Sometimes I’d rather make things to give away just because I like making cards.. (Although I do sell them on Etsy, so if you like them, you can certainly buy them – who am I to turn down money??  : ) ) I try to give back as much as I can.

So, I went over to the website to check out the rules and requirements. I signed up for my free Operation Write Home stamp that has to go on the back of every card and I learned what you can and can’t make for the troops. (In a nutshell – NO glitter, NO handwritten sentiments, standard A2 size card, positive themed, grown up type cards). I have some ideas in mind and am going to start working on some designs today. There is a calendar for when they need to receive cards by for specific holidays, themes and images to stay away from and themes they are looking for.

They also do HeroMail, which is when kids send in pictures or cards to the soldiers. I thought this was such a sweet thing. I am sure that the soldiers appreciate any kind of mail, especially pictures and cards that were so thoughtfully made by kids! If any of my teacher friends are interested in using this as an activity in their class or if any of my crafty friends are interested in participating, the website is :

This certainly came at the right time. I needed something to focus on that was positive and I am glad that I did. I will post pictures of the cards I make in a couple of weeks. (It will take awhile to get the stamp for the back so I can’t send them right away).

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Fairly new to scrapbooking and learning as I go. I wanted to share some of my tips with others who may be new to scrapbooking or card making. Feel free to comment or make suggestions on any of my work or ideas - I love feedback! Especially if it's about a new product I should try - I love getting new material! Check out my other blog for tips on party planning, ideas for party themes and how to stretch your party budget! *I do not get paid to endorse any of the products and/or retailers I talk about in my blog.*

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I just participated in project to send cookies to our troops in Afghanistan – it’s definitely a great feeling. : ) Hope things start looking up for you soon health-wise!

  2. Hi Michele! Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Sending you warm thoughts and get well wishes! The Operation Write Home project sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to see your creations! ~Vanessa


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