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Epic Fail on my Goals

A couple of posts back, I listed my goals for myself. I was doing okay for a while and then I slacked off. I do have a (small) excuse. I did get really sick and I was in bed for an entire weekend. Now I am feeling a little better, so I need to get myself back into a routine.

I have been making lots of cards, but I haven’t listed them on Etsy. The reason is because I haven’t taken any pictures. I am not good at that part and it’s not least favorite (and most time-consuming) part of the process. It takes so long to set up a space, adjust the lighting, drag out my camera and then try to take some good pictures. Once the pictures are taken, then the editing process begins. I don’t think that people realize how long it takes to list an item! For me, I’d rather spend that time creating. However, I can’t list anything on Etsy without pictures. Catch 22. Isn’t that always the way??

That’s another reason that I haven’t written posts lately. I have been in a creative mood and have been spending my time creating rather than writing or even making videos for YouTube. I sometimes have a difficult time budgeting my time. When I am in my craft room creating, I often lose track of time. I can spend hours in there creating and it feels like ten minutes have gone by. While this is great for the creative process, it often leaves me with little time to do the administrative things that need to be done.

I am working on a schedule to try to help with this. I will allot specific amounts of time each week to make sure that the work that I don’t like doing can get done. Hopefully this will allow me to accomplish more things each day and week. I have several craft shows coming up and I also want to make sure that my Etsy store is stocked with items.

To solve the photograph issue, I am debating on having someone else take pictures of my items. I have a quote from someone who will take and edit my pictures. The only problem is, I have to sell a lot to make this solution worthwhile. They say that pictures really make the difference – maybe if I have better, more professional pictures, I will get more hits. And, this will help me stock up my store as I have to have lots of items to drop off to be photographed. I may do one set and see how I fare with it.

What do you think? Do you think it’s worth it to outsource the pictures? Or should I just suck it up and try to get better at photography? I can always try to take a class or read some books to help. But then again, that takes away from my creating time. Another catch 22. I can’t win!! : )

Now I have a plan and am going to try my best to stick to it. I’ll keep you updated and let you know how I am doing. I hope to stick as closely to my new plan as possible. I also think writing about it makes me more accountable.

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About scrapsecrets

Fairly new to scrapbooking and learning as I go. I wanted to share some of my tips with others who may be new to scrapbooking or card making. Feel free to comment or make suggestions on any of my work or ideas - I love feedback! Especially if it's about a new product I should try - I love getting new material! Check out my other blog for tips on party planning, ideas for party themes and how to stretch your party budget! *I do not get paid to endorse any of the products and/or retailers I talk about in my blog.*

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  1. I haven’t really mastered the picture taking part of the Etsy listings. I’m hoping to get better at it

  2. Hi Michele! I too struggle with pictures for my blog. It’s also the one thing I hate doing but it’s so necessary, otherwise no one would want to read my my posts! 🙂 One of my problems is a new camera I got a few months ago. It just doesn’t seem as good as my old one which my husband is now using. I may have to switch with him 🙂 or just borrow it but he likes time stamps on his photos and I don’t so I’d have to keep adjusting his settings which is a pain. Your idea to try a set of professional photos might be helpful to see if it will be worth it in the end but I wonder if purchasing a better camera would equal out or be better than the photographer fees. That or some nice photo editing software (which I don’t have yet but am considering). Nice post and I wish you continued success in your venture!

    • I have a really nice camera that I got from work, I just don’t really know how to use it. There are too many buttons! I should spend some time reading the manual and see if I can figure it out. I think I am more lazy than anything and I just don’t want to do it.

  3. Photos are such a challenge! I wish Etsy would display photos in either a portrait or landscape mode, instead of just landscape. I get frustrated when I try to take pix of my necklaces…I can just imagine how frustrating it must be with your cards! I usually designate one morning on the weekend (whichever day is sunnier) as my photo day and I allow two hours for the task. I tend to go by trial and error and take maybe 15 pix of each item until I have the ones I like. I know a little bit more about my camera now that I am taking a photography class, but it is definitely something you can read in a good book on your Kindle app. I have a few inexpensive ones I like that I can recommend. I too have been slacking with my goals…as you’ll read in my next post. I have been bonding with the new puppy (who is actually snuggling with me right now!)


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