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I took the plunge and signed up for my first craft fair. I got my application approval last night and now all I have to do is pay for my space. It’s making me a little nervous to put out that money, but I think that it will be good exposure for my products.

It’s still awhile away, but I am starting to work on the projects now. Mostly I will have Christmas related items – cards, gift tags, scrapbook pages, maybe some decorations? I haven’t really decided on what I am going to make. I did start working on my first ever for sale 8×8 album. I am not used to working with pages this small. All of the scrapbooks I’ve done in the past have been gifts and have all been 12×12. It’s a challenge to shrink down an idea to that size! I thought it would be easier, but it really hasn’t been.

My greatest challenge is trying to incorporate more than one picture, some journaling and an embellishment into one page. On a 12×12 you can get four 4×6 pictures in one layout. I haven’t yet mastered how to accomplish this, so my layouts have mainly been combinations of the above items. I am working on some designs for other albums as well. This first one is a baby girl book and then I will work on a baby boy one. I also would like to make some wedding and Christmas related ones.

Since learning about the lack of customized cards for Mother’s Day, I think I am also going to bring some cards that can be customized for the holidays to the show. I’m hoping that cards are a big seller at the craft fair because that will probably be what I have a lot of. The gift tags are easy to replicate so I may have a lot of them as well.

My one issue is – how to you take anything but cash at the craft fair? I was thinking that I could always create a customized Etsy listing for the buyer if there was an internet connection and we could do the transaction like that. The tags and the cards will all be under $10, but the scrapbooks will all be more expensive. I don’t know how much cash people will carry to the event – I went to a craft show this past weekend and only had $20 on me. (Which is rare because I usually don’t even carry cash). Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, if you have any advice for a novice at a craft show or you can think of anything else you think might sell well at the craft fair (it’s at the end of September), feel free to leave me a comment.

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