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My First Special Request

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Yesterday, I had my first personalized, special request! It came from my old next door neighbor. I was so happy that she asked me to make something for her. (Old as in that she moved, not her age. She’s younger than me and I don’t consider that old!)

She said that she couldn’t find any cards that said Mom-Mom so she asked if I could make her two cards. When I’m making something personalized, I want to make sure that I incorporate their ideas into my work. I asked her what she was thinking and she wanted to include her brood in the card. She has some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen (it doesn’t hurt that she said the twins don’t like anyone and they were both giggling and smiling for me when I met them : ) And her oldest has the cutest little singing voice – she’s an absolute doll!)

I knew that I wanted to use the Baby Steps or New Arrival cartridges for the twins, but I wasn’t sure what to do for her older daughter. The cartridges Paper Doll Dress Up and Everyday Paper Dolls were too old to represent her, but the babies in New Arrival were too young. Luckily, Baby Steps has some toddler icons and they were perfect!

I started out cutting all three dolls at 2 1/2″. When I placed them on the card, it didn’t look right. I recut the toddler at 3″ and it gave a more proportional look to the card. I chose the two crawling babies (one boy, one girl), but when I cut the boy, I used the Flip key so that the twins would be facing each other on the card. Since they all have light hair, I chose a light yellow and cut the shift layer out for all six dolls. (I actually made eight cuts because at the time I wasn’t sure which version of the toddler doll I was going to use on the card). Then I cut out the coordinating layers – red for the baby girl’s pajamas, the toddlers jumper and the balloon, blue for the baby boy’s pajamas and white for the toddler’s shirt.

The last step I did before assembling was to add some dimension to the pajamas and the jumper/dress for the toddler girl doll. To me, they looked too plain to leave as they were. I went through my Cuttlebug folders and found the Swiss Dots folder. I stuck all the outfits in the folder and ran them through the Cuttlebug. *If you are going to try to replicate this step – one note. The dress/jumper has holes where the buttons would be at the top. Make sure when you are lining the dress up in the folder that you keep the dots away from them or it will just create one big hole and won’t look right. You can tell if its ok or not once you close the folder – it’s clear so you can see where the raised dots will be once it’s run through the machine.*

When I went to assemble them, I needed to cut the black layer down so that the yellow layer could be seen underneath, but needed to make sure that the eyes and the mouths were covered in black. I could have easily just cut strips of black and placed them behind the eyes and the mouth, but if you do it this way, it gives the doll even more dimension. It’s completely a personal preference!

Next was assembling the card. Since there was yellow, red and blue in the card already, I looked through my stack of papers to find something that would go with all three. I chose a dotted patterned paper that had all different size and color circles on it. I placed a smaller mat on top (the dotted paper is 5″x7″, the blue is 4″x6″). Then I arranged the kids on the blue mat – the toddler at the top and the twins underneath facing each other. I used pop dots to elevate them from the card stock – I wanted the kids to be the main focus of the card.

After the kids were attached, I added the heart balloon. I knew that she wanted Mom-Mom to be on the card, since that was the whole point in requesting personalized cards! So, I thought, why not incorporate that into the balloon that the toddler was holding? I used a blue metallic gel pen and added “Mom-Mom” and then used a piece of black ribbon as the string for the balloon.

The last cuts I made where from the Simply Charmed cartridge. I looked in Wild Cards and I only saw Happy Father’s Day – no Mother’s Day! Unless I missed it? But I checked several times. So I went with the Simply Charmed’s Happy Mother’s Day and cut it twice out of the same blue card stock that was on the front. I think that was cut at 3″. *If you try and make those cuts too small, they won’t come out correctly. I try to make them as big as possible!*

Once the sentiment was attached, I added a tiny lady bug stamp to the top left corner of each blue piece of card stock on the front (lady bugs are something that the customer loves and mentioned them in her request!). I also added them to the flap of the envelope. The cards were done! Here is how the turned out:

Kara, Luke and LacyInside

The colors are MUCH more vibrant in person! My cell phone just wouldn’t take great pictures last night.

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