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To Journal or Not to Journal?

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When it comes to scrapbooking, there are scrapbookers who journal and then there are those who don’t. I tend to fall into the latter category. One of the people that I follow on YouTube (Glitter Girl from Two Peas in a Bucket) does a lot of journaling. I like her style, but I just haven’t taken the time to get into journaling.

It makes sense – scrapbooking is done to preserve memories. What better to preserve them than with your own words? That’s what journaling is. For some reason I have been afraid to try it. My handwriting is okay – I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. Sometimes I think I won’t know what to write or what I write will be perceived as silly. This is especially true when the scrapbook is for someone else.

Tonight I worked on the first page of my goddaughter’s book. It was a page from when I took her to a Zumbatomic class. It was the night before her 5th birthday and we had such a good time. She loves Zumba (I think it may be the booty shaking and the shimmy that she really likes) and since my teacher Ally knew it was her birthday, she made a big fuss over her. Her best friend Madison was there, as was her mom, Amanda. Amanda and I were dancing in the back and the girls worked their way up to the front line. I was busy paying attention to what I was supposed to be doing and I looked up to see where the girls were. To my surprise, Allie and Madison were right next to the teacher Ally!

The pictures for the page are of Madison, Ally, Amanda and me; the girls with Ally;and the girls, Ally and me. I wanted to convey the story about the girls being up front because I thought it was so cute – and so Allie!! I know that years from now, she may not remember that. So, I thought I would try journaling to tell the story.

I chose a white background that features black music notes and a red border. For the pictures, I added a small black border and then attached the three pictures to the background. For the journaling, I took a red piece of card stock, added a black border and used a quotes stamp. I stamped it with black ink and then wrote the story on the stamped lines. The last thing I did was add the journaling to the page.

Journaling wasn’t difficult and I like the way that it helped tell the story of the pictures. I think that I am going to do more journaling in her scrapbook this year and I may even have her tell me stories about the pictures so they can be in her words.

This is how the page turned out:

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  1. shiela fuller

    Hi Michele: I think journaling is important. I write in my scrapbooks, most times in my own handwriting. That is what makes memory preservation so wonderful. You leave a bit of yourself behind for those that will come after you , and if it is in your own handwriting, the better.

    • I agree Shiela. I would occasionally write things in my scrapbooks, but it was only maybe a sentence or two. I hope to start journaling more because it’s the story from my perspective. Sometimes it’s harder to journal when the scrapbook is for someone else, which is what I’ve mostly been working on!


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