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Communion Cards

Happy April Fool’s Day! I can’t believe it’s April already. Where has the time gone?? Well, I know where my time has gone. I have been spending a lot of time lately in my office/craft room (which I probably shouldn’t call an office anymore as I have kicked all of my work related stuff out of that room!). So many projects to complete over the next couple weeks and I can’t wait to share them all!

The things that I can share right now are the Communion cards I made for my godson and his brother. When I first started looking for images  to make these cards, I was looking for crosses and other religious items. I found that the Cricut cartridges that I have didn’t have any. I had some stickers, but it wasn’t enough to be able to make two whole cards. I also looked at my clear and rubber stamps and didn’t see anything that would work either.

Then I got another idea. Why not make little paper doll boys that look like them, all dressed up like they would be on Communion day? I started to flip through both my Everyday Paper Dolls and my Paper Doll Dress Up booklets. In Paper Doll Dress Up, I found the Prom Boy image and thought that would work. First I cut out the body in the blackout feature at 5 inches. Then I cut the pants (Prom boy) and shirt (Prom boy shift) in white, the jacket (Prom boy headwear shift), the shoes (Prom boy Accessories 1) and the tie (Prom boy Accessories 1 shift) in navy blue. The last cut I made from this book was their hair (Prom boy headwear) in a light yellow. All of these cuts were done at 5 inches.

*The reason I cut the dolls in blackout is I like to draw their faces on. I think it’s more personalized. I like that they’re not perfect, like they would be if you cut them out using the regular body cut on the Cricut or using Peachy Keen stamps. I learned how to draw the faces by watching a video on YouTube and it isn’t that hard once you learn where to put all the lines. I usually place the hair on the doll first (not gluing it, just putting it there for placement). The reason I do that is because when I don’t, I sometimes draw the features too high and then the hair gets in their eyes! *

OK – back to assembling the pieces! I first glued on the navy shoes and then the pants. Next was the shirt and then the jacket. Because I cut the tie in the same color as the jacket, I decided to help it stand out a little, I would draw white stripes on it. I did that with my white gel pen and then I attached the tie to the outside of the jacket. I also used the white gel pen to accentuate the lapel and pockets on the jacket. The last step was to attach the hair. This was an easy assembly. Sometimes it’s a little bit more difficult when you’re dealing with a lot of layers, but this one came together quickly. And good thing because I had to do two!

When I went to attach the figures to the cards, they kind of blended in with the background because the card base was white. I knew I needed some background paper so I looked through my stash. Recently I bought a 5×7 pack of paper from Die Cuts With a View that was on clearance called All About Boys. I looked through that and found two different backgrounds that I liked and would look good with the colors I chose for the dolls. Since the boys are twins, I thought making the dolls look alike was good but having two different backgrounds would make them a little more differentiated. I placed both dolls on the backgrounds and went to glue them down. But something was missing.

While looking through my booklets I knew I didn’t see any religious memorabilia, but I did see a schoolbook. Since the book doesn’t have any title written on it, I thought, I can use that and write HOLY BIBLE across the front and can put that in their hands so it looks more like a Communion card! So I cut the book from Everyday Paper Dolls (grad accessories 3 shift) in the same navy as the jacket, shoes and tie. Then I used my white gel pen to go over the lines in the top of the book where the pages were and the spine on the side and wrote in HOLY BIBLE. Those were then attached to the figures and then the figures were attached to the background pages. Once that was done, the whole thing was assembled onto the front of the card.

For the inside, I knew that I wanted a religious poem. I typed into Google search Communion poems and liked one of the first ones I saw. I had bought a quotes stamp (has the ” and ” at both ends of the stamp, plus lines in the middle – very nice for writing quotes on!). I took two pieces of red paper (to coordinate with the background paper colors from the front) and inked up my quotes stamp in black ink. I took my black gel pen and wrote the poem in, once on each paper. Then I addressed each to one of the twins and ended by writing Congratulations on your First Holy Communion! at the bottom. The last thing I need to do is decorate their envelopes, but I haven’t figured out what I want to put on the outside just yet.

Here are the cards. I think they came out really cute and I am proud of them! As always. feel free to leave comments. Thanks for stopping by!Front CommunionPoem inside


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