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Using Kate’s ABC’s to make an Easter card

This year I decided to make everyone an Easter card. When it came time to make one for my goddaughter, I wanted to do something less traditional than an Easter bunny or some Easter eggs since most of my other cards are going to feature those images. I looked at my Cricut cartridges and saw Kate’s ABC’s. Never having used it, I thought maybe this was the perfect opportunity.

Kate’s ABC’s has classic girl images. They almost remind me of Holly Hobby type images – sweet little girls and cute accessories. It features shoes, hats, purses, animals little girls love (rabbits, cats, goldfish) and cute phrases. If you are doing an alphabet scrapbook, this one has phrases for every letter (s is for shoes – my favorite!!).

As I went through the images, I found a little girl sitting on a patch of grass, wearing an overcoat and a hat holding a bunny. It had a very spring feel to it and with the bunny I thought it would be perfect for Easter. Using Girl4, I cut the base out of brown, Girl4 shift in green, Girl4 layer 1 in dark pink for the under part of her coat and hat, Girl4 layer 1 shift in light pink for the  for the outer part of her coat and hat, Girl4 layer 2 in beige for the skin tone, Girl4 layer 2 shift in yellow for her hair and the center of the flowers. All of the cuts were made at 4 inches. There are some intricate cuts around the grass so I used medium speed.

Once all the pieces were cut out, I started to assemble them. First you place the green layer over the brown layer. The flowers from the brown layer are separate and you don’t have to use them. The next step was to glue all of the skin tone pieces on, starting with the face. You can glue the hair directly to the face or glue the face to the brown piece and then the hair to that. Place the feet and the one hand on the brown piece. It’s nice because when you cut the layers, there are little marks that get cut to show you where the next layer’s parts will be placed.

Before I attached the coat, I ran the light pink through the Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dots folder, just to give it a little dimension. I then glued the light pink pieces to the dark pink pieces for both the coat and the hat. I assembled all three flowers (two go above the grass and one goes on her hat). The image was complete!

My next step was to apply it to the card. When I was placing it down, I thought that there needed to be something underneath her. I chose a blue strip of Bazzil card stock that I had in my scraps. I also used the same ribbon I used on the other Easter card – it says Happy Easter and each letter is in an egg. I may add a small sun to the top right corner, but I haven’t found one I liked yet. For the envelope, I took my maroon chalk ink and inked up the large Easter egg stamp I have and placed it on the flap. All that is left now is to write a message to my goddaughter on the inside of the card.

When I got this cartridge, I was a little hesitant to use it because of some of the designs like this one. They are intricate and time consuming to put together. But once they are done, the image is adorable and well worth the time that it took. Usually I spend so much time on the concept for the card that I go with more simple images from the Cricut. I really like the way this turned out and I think I will be using Kate’s ABC’s to make more cards. I like that the booklet uses a different color for each layer so that when you are trying to figure out what color to make each layer, it’s much easier. With some of the cartridges, I have to guess and I don’t always guess right. That leaves me frustrated. But ProvoCraft seems to have changed that on the newer cartridges and it makes completing a project much easier. If you are looking for a really sweet cartridge to make images for anything for a little girl, this is one I would recommend. The boy version of this is Nate’s ABC’s.

Here is how the card turned out – I’m very happy with it!Card and envelopeCard

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  1. Adorable card! Love your colors and the nice embossing on the dress. Neat idea to use the ribbon for the sentiment! ~Vanessa


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