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Making an explosion box

I have seen these boxes on plenty of YouTube videos but I have never tried to make one. At least not until today. I think that it is a cute idea if you are giving someone a smaller present, like a gift card or to make it for a holiday as a table decoration.

To start the project, you need three 12×12 sheets of coordinating card stock. I chose a teal, blue and a purple. The teal paper was left at 12×12, the blue is 11 3/4 x 11 3/4, (Place the paper in the paper trimmer and cut off 1/4 inch off two sides)and the purple is 11 1/2. Then you take any one of the three pages (this step needs to be done on all three sheets) and place it in your scoring mat so you score the paper at four inches from the left edge of the paper. Turn the paper 1/4 of the way and score at 4 inches again. Do this so that you will have 9 boxes on the page. After you have done that on all three pages, cut the four corners off at the score line so that you have a T shaped piece of paper left.

Once you have your 3 T pieces, you will then glue the pieces together at the middle square. This leaves the other pieces free for you to decorate any way you like. I added colored card stock, embossed pieces, ribbon and other decorative items to my piece.

Next you need to make the top. This is where you have to experiment because it all depends on how thick the card stock you used is. What I did was measure the side of the box when the pages were folded up to make the box and then added a 1/4 inch. I think the paper I cut was a 6 1/4 x 6 1/4. I scored the paper at 1 inch and did the same thing as I did for the three papers – turned the page 1/4 turn and scored again at 1 inch. Once it is all scored and folded, take two opposing sides and cut on the two scored lines. Don’t cut them all because you will have cut out the squares and you need those to hold the sides of the lid together. Fold all the edges and glue to shorter pieces down so that the lid is complete.

Here are some pictures of the partially completed explosion box. I will finish decorating it when I know who I am going to give it to. I just wanted to try making one and I think that it came out cute!
Box AfterExplosionZebraJournalingBorderSideCenterTop decorated

Hopefully this gives you an idea for a unique birthday card or centerpiece for a party. I saw explosion boxes decorated for Halloween and Mother’s Day. Feel free to leave comments or questions!


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