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Challenge # 9

Today’s challenge is all about squares. One of the videos that I saw on stamping showed a plain white background paper with four different smaller square green pieces. I thought that the squares made for an interesting background and thought I would incorporate it into my layout somehow.

Since this page is opposite of the one that I made for another challenge, I decided to use the same pink, black and white in this layout. (See Challenge # 6 from February 24th). Originally I had chosen to use a black and white background paper that had wedding related phrases. When I placed it next to the layout I already created, I realized it needed some pink so I had to come up with a new plan.

I decided that I would take the black and white phrased paper and make 4×4 squares to sit behind the pictures. I replaced the original background paper with a plain black piece of card stock. To add in the pink from the other layout, I made four 5×5 squares to place behind the 4×4 ones. Before I glued these black & white and pink papers together, I inked up their edges with Black distress ink. (I believe it’s called Black Soot). This helps tie all the pieces together.

Once that was done, I placed all four pieces on the black background. When I put the picture down, it got a little lost. I found a pack of 5×7 mats that I had lying around and chose and black and white patterned page that I thought complimented the existing elements. I also inked the edges in black as well and then glued the picture to the mat.

Once all the pieces were secure, the page still looked like it needed something. For the other layout I did, I chose a sticker of the word BRIDE in black and white roses. I wanted to do something similar, so from the same page I chose the sticker of the word US made out of a couple holding hands. Just like I did on the other page, I used my white gel pen and created faux stitching around the letters.

The final touch to the page was to add a stamped border. I chose a swirl cling stamp and placed it on a clear block. Instead of using a distress ink, I chose a chalk ink in white. I stamped all four edges of the page with the swirl stamp and the page was done!

Here are some pictures of the final product:
Black inked edgesFinalUsStanding Up


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Fairly new to scrapbooking and learning as I go. I wanted to share some of my tips with others who may be new to scrapbooking or card making. Feel free to comment or make suggestions on any of my work or ideas - I love feedback! Especially if it's about a new product I should try - I love getting new material! Check out my other blog for tips on party planning, ideas for party themes and how to stretch your party budget! *I do not get paid to endorse any of the products and/or retailers I talk about in my blog.*

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