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How to make a scrapbook for a couple

For my sister’s bridal shower, my mom and I both thought I should make her a scrapbook. I thought I would just add some pictures of both of them when they were little, some family pictures, some with friends and then them together. But my mom had a better idea!

I asked the groom’s mom for a bunch of photos of him when he was little. His brother gave me a huge box of photos so I had a ton to choose from. My mom and I then went through those pictures and pulled ones we liked (nothing too embarrassing!) or ones we thought that would match up with something from Jackie’s pictures. For example, when we went through the pictures, we found ones from his first Christmas. We then found her first Christmas and then also pictures from Christmas 1985 for both of them.

The first part of the scrapbook was all matching – his event on the left and hers on the right, with the first page containing a picture of them from their engagement dinner and a heart saying “The Story of Jacqueline and Andrew”. I found Christmas, Christenings, Communion, Confirmation, Halloween, Easter, even pictures of them from events in 1986 of them both wearing blue outfits! Probably my favorite one was of him on one of those rocking horses that had the springs on the side and one of her in a car at Disneyland and I titled it “Horse Power”. (My mom’s idea!)

The second part of the book was entitled “All About Andy” and “Just Jackie”. Instead of alternating Andy’s pictures on the left and Jackie’s on the right, I gave each of them their own section. I put pictures of them when they were younger, pictures with friends and family and them in sports. To narrow the sports part down was hard for Andy as that kid is super athletic, but I tried my best to incorporate all the sports! At the end of that section I did a “Look into the future” page. I found pictures of Andy playing baseball and soccer and decorated one of the paperdolls from the Cricut cartridge “Everyday Paperdolls” in a soccer outfit with the net behind him and a soccer ball, baseball bat, glove and baseball. For Jackie’s, I found a picture of her playing dress up in a dress and heels that were way too big for her and labeled it fashonista and also found a picture from a birthday party of hers where she got a Fisher Price mixer and baking set. The girl loves to bake and I thought it was a great foreshadowing into the future. I also made her a paperdoll that was dressed in an apron, oven mitts, rolling pin and accessorized the page with cake, cupcake and cookie cutouts from that same cartridge.

The next section were set up the same way – all of Andy’s pictures, then Jackie’s. I tried to keep this section about family. Almost every kid has those pictures with their siblings that were taken at the mall, especially if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Needless to say, both families had plenty of these so I had a bunch to choose from. I found some cute quotes online about family and also used some saying from either the Damask Decor or the Sophisticated Cricut cartridge about family.

In between Andy and Jackie’s family sections, I did a special siblings page. Since they are both the youngest, they both have big brothers and big sisters. I did a page with just Andy and his brothers and then next to it, a page for just my brother and my sister. The next two pages were of Andy and his sister and then my sister and me. Again I found some cute quotes about siblings online and wrote them on tags made from a Cricut cartridge.

The second to last section were all pictures of Jackie and Andy throughout their relationship. I tried to get as many important events included in there as I could. They range from their trips to places like North Carolina and the Dominican to a baseball game with friends to their engagement dinner.

The last section was all about weddings. In the box Andy’s brother gave me, there were two of his parent’s wedding pictures. I wanted to include the parent’s weddings in all of this because, well, that’s where all of this started. My dad thought this should be the start of the book. I thought it would be nice to include all the wedding pictures at the end. So, I took some of the paper from their wedding invitations and created his parent’s wedding page on the left and then my parent’s wedding page on the right. The last page of the book is just a double matted blank page with a champagne bottle for decoration and is where their wedding picture will go. At the bottom of each page I wrote Mr. and Mrs. (and then each of their names) and their wedding dates.

Here are some of the pictures of the pages. My iPhone died so I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the end of the book, but I will take some this week and post the rest.
First Page First page

AndyJackie Beautiful Babies Double Layout

Christening Double Layout

First Christmas Double Layout

Early Years Double Layout

Babes in Blue Double Layout

Halloween Double Layout

Snow Days Double Layout

Horse Power Double Layout

Baseball Double Layout

Pre-K Double Layout

First Day of School Double Layout

Looking into the Future Double Layout

If you notice, the majority of these are double layouts. The next blog will be about Single vs Double Layouts.


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